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Commercial Planning Consulting and Architectural Services Specialists.

Our team has experience of working on a broad range of commercial, mixed use and large scale residential projects across London and the South East. As council planning officers we have had extensive experience dealing with hundreds of planning applications and a broad range of commercial projects from small scale change of use to High Street commercial units through to large scale retail, office, mixed use and residential developments. We are also commercial architects, London being our primary area of experience .

Our commercial planning experience includes the following:

  • High Street and Town Centre change of use proposals involving A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 Planning uses.
  • A1 Retail Parks
  • B1 Office developments and changing of use of B1 buildings.
  • B2 and B8 industrial and warehouse developments and extensions.
  • C1 Hotels and C2 Residential Institutions.
  • Large scale residential and mixed use development proposals
  • Applications for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)
  • D1 projects including clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres, schools, places of worship, public halls, exhibition halls, church halls education and training centres.
  • D2 sports, leisure and assembly uses.
  • Small and large scale extensions and alterations to commercial buildings.   

Development Site Appraisals

The first step when assessing any development project both small and large is looking into what can be feasibly achieved. This is one of our more popular services particularly with residential property developers. If you own a commercial property that you are looking to expand or change its use, or are interested in a potential development site, but are unsure of what can be achieved and ultimately its financial viability our planning appraisal may be a good place to start. Our genuine and honest approach to development, provide a very good indication of the development possibilities and gives a realistic view of how the project would materialise with the local authority during an application and ultimately if the development makes financial sense. Our appraisal reports include: planning history of the site, review of site constraints and relevant planning policies, what is achievable, sketch proposals if required and an estimate of the end value.
In the event that you carry on appointing us to pursue a recommended development proposal following a planning appraisal of your site the fee for the development appraisal is naturally deducted.

Download an example of one of planning appraisals here. [coming soon]


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